Old Mutual


Brand Marketing Positioning Project:

The role of the Old Mutual brand team was not understood or appreciated
Segment teams worked in silos and had their own marketing people

The Brand Management team activity revolved around policing the adherence to brand guidelines and approving advertising and media schedules instead of providing strategic guidance and adding value to brand equity growth

The Brand Management team budget was contributed by the Segments, which presented challenges with authority and control

The brand was expressed in a schizophrenic manner – no cohesion in brand presentation and product messaging


Audit & Analysis:

Analysis of strategic documents

Interviews with key brand team and  marketing personnel within Segments

Review of marketing  & communications activities (internal & external)

Strategy Formulation:

Definition of role of Brand Management, the brand management  / central marketing team in building the Old Mutual Brand and its  value add to the  Segments

Definition of human resources, processes and systems and operational structure needed to deliver

Definition of monitoring and control mechanisms


Roll Out:

New structure implemented

Brand management tools  and control
measures introduced

Undertook road-show to introduce the  new structure internally


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